Some of ITSEHDE’s best works.

This project was made for Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. Featuring Fabio, a pizza maker and pizza “acrobat”. This project was especially exciting because we only had 30 minutes to film all the scenes.

The graduation movie for Procivitas 2016. This production was made together with Take 3 Media.

A movie made together with Sunworld Dynasty Hotel.

The graduation movie for Procivitas 2018.

A commercial movie for a company called Big Heart. It’s always an honour to work with a great company who is promoting a good cause! Check out Big Heart here.

The promotion video for the NSAC conference 2018!

A film made together with Mindpark co-working space in Helsingborg, featuring the many different conference rooms available.

A video made for ProCivitas high school in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Another video for Procivitas in Helsingborg!

And another video for Procivitas during UF SM.

A production made for Nellie Berntsson and Tobbe Larsson!