I help companies produce high-quality films efficiently and at a great value.

About Me

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I love telling stories that have an impact.

Hi, my name is Gustav. Since 2016, my great passion has been crafting stories through video. I believe that with great stories, people can connect with each other and engage in a meaningful way. For companies, this entails crafting stories that resonate with their target audience, attracting both new and existing customers who identify with their brand.

Over the past years I have worked with several companies helping them share their story and brand. During this process I have learned how companies can reach out with their brand though visual storytelling.

As a one man team, I have gained expertise in the entire filmmaking process. Working with me means that you get high quality, flexible and efficient film production at great value. Working with me also guarantees trust, honesty and communication throughout the entire production process, as they are driving values in how I work.

Check down below for examples of movies I’ve made for previous clients. To view more of my work make sure to visit my portfolio.

I would love to hear how I can help your company. Contact me at gustav@itsehde.com and we’ll discuss your next project. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Some of my previous works


Fabio - Sunworld Dynasty Hotel

Companies I've worked with

... And their experience working with me

“Gustav listened with responsiveness to our needs and ideas which were then actualised with a high dose of creativity, originality, and substantial quality, all while preserving the theme grounded in our own visions. Gustav showed proof of strong engagement, reliability and overall understanding and delivered all the way to the finish line.”
Jakob Gelberg
Founder, Big Heart