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Minute Memories

Relive life’s beautiful moments. Message us, send your content, and get your very own personalized one minute after movie to share with family and friends.

What is Minute Memories?

Hiring a filmmaker to produce a movie can be costly and complicated. Usually filming and taking pictures with a mobile phone can lead to great footage, but it’s in the editing that the memories can truly become a story that will live on forever.

Minute Memories makes the process of movie making a lot easier, we receive the movies and pictures you have yourself filmed with your phone/camera and we professionally edit the footage to create a finished movie that is inspiring, heart warming and will serve to relive your beautiful memories of life.

Why one minute?

One minute is the perfect length to summarise an event, while at the same time being able to share the movie on platforms such as Instagram. Since sharing memories is a big part of life, a one minute movie is ideal to send to family and friends.

What types of movies can I order?

Minute Memories tailors your very own personalised movie, so almost any type of movie is suitable to become a one minute aftermovie! All movies from an after work with your company to a birthday celebration with your family are welcome.

How much does one movie cost?

One (1) Minute Memory costs 1995 SEK.

How it works:

  1. Contact us with the form below* and send the following:
    1. Your name.
    2. A short description of your desired movie.
    3. A link to a preferred song (if applicable).**
  2. Send your footage.
  3. Sit back, relax, and after three work days you will receive the finished movie for preview.
  4. Download your movie.
  5. Share your Minute Memory with family and friends!

Ready to get your very own amazing Minute Memory?

*If we don’t respond within 24 hours, please contact us directly at minutememories@itsehde.com

**Some songs have copyright claims. If you want to post the movie on Facebook or Youtube be sure to check beforehand if your chosen song has copyright claims. We are not responsible for any issues regarding copyright from your chosen song.