For Companies

Are you a company/corporation wanting to use digital storytelling to market, show or enhance your companies products, services or events?

Minute Memories is a service provided by ItsEhde for companies and corporations. The service helps companies to gather and edit footage that has been produced for marketing purposes. We have produced dussins of movies for companies and corporations and we are here to tell your story and help your company.

What is Minute Memories?

Hiring a filmmaker to produce a movie can be costly and complicated. We have a mission to help companies with their digital storytelling by simplifying the process of movie making, making it accessible for companies of all sizes to receive high quality movie productions quickly and easily.

Usually filming and taking pictures with a mobile phone can lead to great footage, but it’s in the editing that the footage can truly become a story that will captivate your audience and make them want to see more.

Minute Memories makes the process of movie making a lot easier, we receive the movies and pictures you have yourself filmed with your phone/camera and we professionally edit the footage to create a finished movie that is inspiring, captivating and will serve to help your company.

How it works?

We want to be able to serve your specific needs so in order to tailor your movie we will need the following by filling in the form below.

  1. Your name & company name.
  2. A short description of your desired movie.

We will contact you further to discuss more in detail of the project and how we can serve your company needs.

How much does it cost?

One (1) Minute Memory costs 1995 SEK* which will be invoiced to your company after the project is finished.

*License costs for music or any other additional third party footage (if applicable) will be added to the invoice.