My name is Gustav Ehde and I'm a freelance filmmaker from Helsingborg in Sweden. From growing up in China and traveling the world, to finding a passion for filmmaking I have found that both culture and creativity are the factors that fuel my passion for filmmaking.

The first ever commercial project I produced was together with my friend Sten Sjöberg, for a company called ConCellae that specializes in creating the next generation solutions for antibiotic resistance.  This project consisted of producing four commercial movies in four weeks. Sten and I were both very busy with our studies, and I was at the same time working as a dishwasher in a confectionary, but despite those factors we were able to produce four commercial movies in that time frame, and the company was incredibly happy with the movies. Even four years after that project we still have contact with each other.

From those first commercial movies to the present, many things have happened and many new projects have been made, everything from event movies to producing commercial movies for my high school I attended, and even making commercial movies for a company in China. Check out the portfolio to see more of my projects!



8th October 1998

Born in a small town in southern Sweden called Helsingborg.

Moved to Macau, China

20th September 2002

Left the traditional Swedish life by moving to Macau with my family as a four year old.

Should we stay?

10th October 2004

Hell yeah!

Alright… Fun’s over

8th November 2010

In November 2010, my family and I moved back to Helsingborg after living in Macau for eight years.

Take 3 Media is formed

1st March 2015

Take 3 Media is formed

Together with my friends Sten Sjöberg and Jacob Gerlee we created Take 3 Media, a production company with a vision to bring high quality productions at a lower cost.

First commercial production

24th April 2015

First commercial production

Take 3 Medias first ever commercial production. The project consisted of four movies featuring the company ConCellae with their incredible innovations in bio-technology. The project was made by Sten Sjöberg and myself.

ITSEHDE is formed

10th May 2016

ITSEHDE is formed

ITSEHDE is a company founded by myself, showcasing my work as a freelance content creator. The vision of the company being to produce the best quality production to companies in startup phase.

A life changing trip

1st September 2017

During the Autumn of 2017, I travelled to China to find my routes and experience my childhood memories. I travelled to a small town in China called Wuhu to participate in a language exchange program. The program included learning Chinese. At the end of the program I revisited my old home.