How music videos succeed

There is something about music videos that is exhilarating. Combining beautiful rhythms and mixing it with visual content is definitely a winning combination that many creators in the music industry put a lot of focus on.

A few days ago I was invited by the band “Gasmic!” to film their first ever music video. I was especially happy because the two guys in the band are old friends and it was awesome seeing them again. It was also the first time I’ve ever filmed a music video, and that combined with not having picked up my camera in a few months made the excitement for this project really build up.

“Gasmic!” is definetely an impressive band. Two guys who are childhood friends decided to devote all their free time towards creating amazing songs, and amazing doesn’t even describe it. Every song they’ve produced so far could easily pass as one of the songs on Spotify’s top 100 list, and if you ask anyone in my surroundings, they’ll testify that the songs have been stuck in my head for days. Now it does sound like I’m trying to get you to start listening to them… Which I am. Check them out on 40097802_686302465061552_3644225191686438912_nSpotify (here) and become one of their original followers, you will thank yourself in the future for doing it.

Anyways, back to the production. We met up in their studio and had a plan for what the movie was going to look like, what the feeling was going to be and how the visuals were going to be incorporated into their music. We had an awesome time filming and as always lots of laughs, and many random scenes were documented (be sure to look out for some easter eggs).

Now I’m not going to reveal how the movie will be, but I have been thinking about one question lately, what makes a music video succeed? Music in of itself is indescribably beautiful and harmonious and feels like a hot tub for the brain, and depending on what you listen to different emotions can arise from different melodies, harmonies and vocals. The thing with music though, that I think is very important, is that it is most of the time not logical. I mean sure, there are structures for how a song should work to make it logical for the brain to listen to, but a melody is itself a combination of random notes and beats that fall together in harmony, which makes listening to it sound logically beautiful. Even today when computers can alter melodies and tones to perfection, there often is a slight imperfection added by the producers to obtain a human touch, which is what the ear prefers to hear. This is an entire other subject in itself, which I will save for a future article. If we look at vocals of a song, it seems like many songs don’t need that many vocals to describe a story, and the vocals don’t need to be fully logical for it to create emotions to the listener. Many of these elements is where I think the beauty of a music video comes in.

Music videos are so radically different from each other; each with their own interpretation of the music, each with their own story to be told, each trying to visually represent and convey the emotions of the song they are portraying. It feels like an impossible question to answer, and the typical ”have the singer run in slow motion through the movie” just won’t do.

I believe that the way music videos succeed is in the interpretation of the creators, it is the way the movie is directed and produced. The interpretors of the song have different opinions, different views and different emotions which can only be felt. Music videos are produced and directed by someone close to the creators, it’s a vision that the creators want to convey, the way they felt when they made the music or how they feel when they listen to it. Maybe that is also why many music videos can be incredibly random, have you ever felt that you liked a song, watched the music video and then felt ”I’m probably done with this song actually”? The messages that the creators want to convey could be completely different to ones own interpretation.

Maybe the way music videos succeed is in the way of the listeners being able to connect to the creators as well. When emotions of listening to a song cannot be described, it is through the music videos that the listeners and creators can connect their visions, it is a form of harmony in the world of creation, and in the incredible worlds of music and movies.

I think we’ve all sat on a bus on a rainy day looking out through the window imagining ourselves in a music video. Personally, I’ve never actually done this, but my girlfriend told me she has, that it was a common phenomenon, and that I should add it to bond with my readers.

What is your take on music videos? What do you believe a music video has to have in order for it to be successful and connect with the viewers?

Here’s an interesting quote I’ll end this post with:

“When your happy you enjoy the music, when you’re sad you understand the lyrics”

So far I’ve only heard “Gasmic!’s” songs in a happy mood, but if you guys leave any mean comments then I will get to understand their lyrics too. So thanks in advance (kind of…).

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