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Welcome to the ITSEHDE Blog

As you probably can notice, this website is still under construction but the eagerness to start posting has exceeded my patience for waiting. So what will this blog be about? And what might you find interesting and valuable about reading the posts here? Well I have always been a person that likes to come up with new ideas, and lately the ideas have mostly been about how to become more effective, more eager to learn and to improve certain characteristics. I have realised that the only way to improve on these is to look out into the world, find out what is happening and actually apply these ideas to some form of research, and that is exactly what this blog is.

This blog will simply be about my research of the world, finding out how our world is improving through the ideas that people and companies are applying and using. In the future there will be many categories of ideas so that you can find what interests you most, expanding with every new post.

One thing that should be duely noted about this blog, I am going to for the most part post about new ideas that I find intersting, give a very brief description about them and then post a few opinions about the idea, but I’m not going to explain in bigger detail as I am not a scientist and the facts would probably take a few essays to explain to make it scientifically correct. If you want the details I will post to where I’ve researched about it, mostly Youtube videos, but also some articles of course 🙂

Well I guess that’s the introduction. I hope you guys are excited about reading about new innovations and ideas that are out in the world, I for one am excited about researching them, and knowing a bit more about how our world is changing. Being an introduction post, I of course have included one of these ideas for you. Here is a review about an idea that I heard about some time ago which has impressed me. This simple yet incredibly versatile tool is something I believe will change many huge industries out there.

The Fast Charge Slow Discharge battery

So a few months ago I came across some research about a new form of battery that was being developed by a few inventors, who had developed a battery much like a capacitor. Capacitors and batteries are complete opposites, capacitors have a high charge and high discharge mechanism, while batteries are slow charge and slow discharge. The need for new batteries that both improve charging speeds and don’t get worse over time is much needed in today’s society. While many companies are trying to make charging speeds quicker, it still isn’t really drastically improving in the way of new innovations, unlike this new battery which I have understood to be a hybrid of the best of both worlds, where it uses a capacitors mechanism to charge to 100% in a matter of seconds, with a slow discharging mechanism to make it usable over a long period of time.

Even though this technology could be a game changer for the future it still hasn’t hit the mass market, although many Youtube science channels have posted about it and the technology is rapidly growing, which I was pleased to see. For example in this video which I very much enjoyed:

It seems a bit too good to be true, but the technology is rapidly developing and I sure hope that companies like Tesla and Apple (yes, I am talking about your iPhone batteries) are looking towards making this a reality. It is maybe one of the only things that can make electric cars a worldwide dominating market, and not to even mention the applications in the entire tech industry.

So that was the first blog post, as said before there aren’t many specifics but it’s more meant to share briefly about other peoples ideas and how it’s changing our world for the better. See you at the next post!

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